Start Counting Your SpeakerBucks Now!

Posted by Damian Rochman on August 25, 2015

What is SpeakerBucks?

SpeakerBucks is our very own SpeakerText currency that can be applied towards transcription purchases. SpeakerText now offers SpeakerBucks to all flexible-spending customer. Enrollment is free and automatic; there are no hidden fees or any forms to fill out. Customers who reach certain usage milestones each month are automatically awarded with SpeakerBucks.

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SpeakerText Now Supports Scenarist Closed Caption Format

Posted by Damian Rochman on August 4, 2015

Scenarist Closed Caption (SCC) provide a textual representation of the Line 21 closed caption format (also known as EIA-608). This was the standard for closed captioning for NTSC TV broadcasts in North America and it is used by a variety of applications for video captioning such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut.

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25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Posted by Damian Rochman on July 27, 2015

On July 26th, 1990 President George H.W. Bush signed the American with Disabilities Act. This week marks the 25th anniversary of the United State's commitment to eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities. Advancements in technology has played a significant role in fostering equality, but also made it clear that the challenges are also growing exponentially.

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Flexible Spending

Posted by Damian Rochman on July 24, 2015

SpeakerText provides both transcripts and closed caption files for one low price. Our service does not require any setup fees or long-term commitments.

Now we’re making our service even more affordable and flexible by allowing all of our customers to select the accuracy and turnaround they need for each individual transcription request rather than locking their account to a specific service level and price.

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SpeakerText Professional

Posted by Damian Rochman on July 22, 2015

We’re excited to introduce a new tier in our transcription service! Our SpeakerText Professional service provides the same affordable pricing accompanied by white glove service that can better serve your specific business needs. This is an enterprise grade service that can be used by organizations requiring special attention to their ongoing transcription needs. SpeakerText Professional provides many benefits including:

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The Hardest Man to Transcribe in all of Sports

Posted by Courtney Wilson on June 25, 2015

Florida State University is no stranger to success on the football field. FSU boasts an enthusiastic fanbase, a beautiful campus in sunny Florida and steady leadership for the past 40 years. In fact, the Seminoles have had only two head coaches in that time. The legendary and colorful Bobby Bowden coached Florida State from 1976 through 2009 when he left the program in the capable hands of Head Coach in Waiting Jimbo Fisher, who led the Seminoles to their third national championship in 2013.

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Interactive Transcripts for FlowPlayer

Posted by Damian Rochman on May 27, 2015

CaptionBox, the interactive transcript plugin by SpeakerText now fully supports FlowPlayer. With its minimalistic design and ability to easily match your own brand, FlowPlayer is constantly increasing its user base.

Websites that use FlowPlayer can now take full advantage of CaptionBox to increase engagement and comply with accessibility regulations. Your visitors can now follow along with the transcript as the video plays and easily navigate to other segments of the video by simply searching and clicking on on the text in the interactive transcript box.

The sharing buttons allow visitors to quote snippets of the dialogue on Facebook and Twitter which can deep link back to your site and start the video playback from that quoted moment.

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Closed Captioning for HTML5 Video

Posted by Damian Rochman on May 27, 2015

HTML5 is the latest version of the markup language used to render almost every page of the web. This version standardizes a lot of new capabilities including a standard markup for video playback which doesn’t require any 3rd party plugins, like Flash or Silverlight, to play online video. The new markup also allows users to publish accessible video by easily including closed caption files.

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508 Regulations and Your Video Production Business

Posted by Dedric Polite on May 22, 2015

Section 508 compliance is a set of standards designed to maximize the accessibility of digital media and information technology for people with disabilities. This has a few important impacts on the video production industry. Examples of 508 compliance for video include:

  • Captions and video transcription.
  • Audio descriptions.
  • No flickering, flashing, or strobing elements.
  • Use of a 508 compliant video player.
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Special Webinar: The Nepal Earthquake - An Update from CloudFactory

Posted by Courtney Wilson on May 19, 2015

On April 25th a massive earthquake struck Nepal, significantly impacting our employees, their families and their communities. CloudFactory, who powers SpeakerText has been on the ground since moments after the quake, locating our people, raising money, and providing relief to those most affected, all while keeping CloudFactory and SpeakerText running for our customers who trust us with their mission critical work. It’s been a challenging and inspiring journey that has tested our people, our business model, and perhaps most importantly — our purpose.

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